Poem: “Damn, life know how to fight 😪”

It kicked me in the knees, I fell to the ground.

It kicked me in my stomach, I fell to ground.

Everytime I got back up, life found a way to knocked me down.

Give up? Hell no..

Push through, thats all I know.

Mommy taught me better,

get up,

brush off your knees,

and fight harder.

You want that degree, work smarter.

You want that promotion, work smarter.

You want that job, work smarter.

Is not everyone is lucky enough to find good friends, but that don’t mean your life got to end.

Take that trip,

take that kiss..

You want a glass a wine, take that sip.

Life wasn’t meant to be easy..

So why complain?

Just do what you love and try be happy..

Life gonna get rough,

so why the hell you acting soft?

Be rougher, be tough.

And live this life, how the hell you want. 😊😍


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  1. jessierenea says:

    Oh Life & it’s EXPERIENCES! It’ll hurt you sometimes but it’ll also make you strong ♥️ Great Post

    Jessica| http://www.jessierenea.com

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    1. Thank you and I forever be grateful for life ✅

      Liked by 1 person

      1. jessierenea says:

        You’re welcome !! 💫


  2. mydreamality says:

    Love this one! Put a smile on my face as always!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Powerful poem, and great advice!

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