Mommy, it’s okay.😔

The room was tense. Her eyes were red, One more year is about to end, and no changes have occurred. Debts were piling on top of one another and a new school year was about to start. I didn’t want to upset her, Suppose I structure my sentences wrong? Suppose I end up saying something to send her in deeper depression. I stand 5 meters away from her and said, “Mommy, it’s okay, Someday I’m going to make it, today is just a bad day, I don’t need any new shoes or any new bag, All I need for you … Continue reading Mommy, it’s okay.😔

Poetry: Numb 😶

No emotions. No pain. No feeling of loss. No feeling of gain. It’s like I’m just here living, without no aim. No love for you, Don’t worry about me. You said I act like I don’t care, and I do agree. “What’s on your mind?” Truly, I don’t know. “How are you feeling?” My feelings can’t show. “Do you love me?” I don’t even know if I love myself, anyways you don’t need my validation. Go live your life, try not to live for nobody else. “Are you broken or depressed?” I don’t know, I’m also trying to understand myself. … Continue reading Poetry: Numb 😶