Poem- “Sally want it, she got it.”

Sally looked in the mirror and saw all her flaws.
She smiled and accepted her body,
She won’t allow her dark thoughts to be her downfall.
One more day, one more blessing.
She could feel the anxiety creeping up on her,
She quickly runs and drinks a cup of water.
“I am strong.”
“I am beautiful.”
“Sally, you got this.”
“Slowly think this through.”
Sally’s environment was toxic, so she moved.
Changes came, once she started taking action.
She had sleepless nights,
trying to meet her deadlines.
Success was a must.
She wasn’t going to give up.
Sally was determined,
Sally was strong.
You can be Sally too,
you just need to get rid of your excuse.
Start today,
tomorrow is not promise to you.

Poem: “I spoke with a woman Lastnight”

I was at the bus stop last night,
I turned around and saw an elderly lady sitting,
She said, “Come here young one.”
I could see the pain in her eyes,
With regret filling them as she continues with her life.
She started to speak without hesitation,

She said,
“I regret it, I regret it,
I lived my life like I was a fool,
Baby girl, stay focus,
Stay in school,
People will let you down,
Your job will let you down,
But your education and skills will always help you back up.
Don’t follow the crowd,
They will always be there.
Stay focus on your grind, your success is near.”

I remained silent, sometimes it’s the best solution.

Then she said, “I regret it, I regret it,
Baby girl, please go hard in your 20s,
Write that business plan,
Buy that house,
Start a family, so you don’t have to end up being alone.
Respect others, you might need them in the future,
Keep up your appearance,
Your looks do matter.”

The bus came,
I told her goodnight.
I looked through the mirror and saw her fading.
I can’t believe it,
It was a warning,
Not from a stranger,
But from myself,
Being 87 years old, broke and lonely,
With bad health.

Look in a mirror, and analyze yourself,
Do you like the direction your life is heading?
If not, do something about it now.

Poem: “That Man is hurting too”

I looked in his eyes,
I could see his pain,
He is hurting,
So many scars on his body,
He’s been working.

From 5 in the morning to 10 in the night,
He’s been around that factory machine,
Society taught him, that’s it is his job to provide.

My father is in pain,
All these working hours, but still no gain.
Mom doesn’t understand, she just wants to see the bills are being paid.

The tears are coming,
He quickly ran and washed his face,
He’s trying to teach my little brother that no man must show his pain.

Wrong teaching,
Passing down from generation to generation.
He has forgotten that he is human.
Mom has forgotten that he’s human.
Society has forgotten that he’s human.

it’s okay to cry,
It’s okay to show that you are struggling with anxiety,
It’s okay to show that you are hurting,

that you have been beaten down by depression.

This is dedicated to all man out there, who feel like they are all alone in this world.
We understand, don’t make suicide be an option.
We are here for you.
May the supreme being bless you.

Poem: “I will continue to grow.”

I hardly get any water,
but people don’t see that.
They judge me from my roots to head,
speaking how I looked withered.

When I asked them to passed me a cup water,
they came up with excuses,
I was dying,
needed assistance,
scarred with bruises.


I was determing,
I needed to survive,
I arched my head towards the sun,
I needed that light.

I saw my potential,
I don’t need a soul to give me water.

I will continue to grow….

My mind is set,
I have goals to target.

I will continue to grow,

without anyone’s help.

Poem: “Who the hell name Rejection?”

Ambitious is my middle name.
I’m not going to stop until I finish this game, called “Life”.
I’m not going to allow it to defeat me.

Get up every morning,
I look in the mirror,
saying these three sentences I hope will stick with me forever,
“I’m Beautiful, I’m Smart, I’m going to make it.”
Cheering my own self in case one day I ended up lonely.

I’m Ready!

I went to the interview, they said “NO.”

I applied for the scholarship, they said “NO.”

I email my crush,
told him that I like him,
asked him if he would like to be my boyfriend,
he said, “NO.”

Rejection and I have become acquainted.
He became a friend that I never wanted.
The most toxic person that ever came into my life.

But I’m going to fight him with all my might,
I’m not going to make him dim my light.
Several doors closed on me,
So I’m going to build my own door.

I have my talent,
I have my brain,
Rejection not going to stop me to get my gain.

I’m not going to give up,
broke life isn’t for me.
I’m going to make it,

I’m going to succeed.

Poem: “She is crying for help.”

She is crying for help..

Am I the only one hearing her?

I looked at her wrist, and realized that she fell in love with the razor.

Horizontal lines.. Stretching…

I can see the pain in her eyes..

A battle.. She is losing..

She is crying for help,

But no sound..

If you look closely, you can see she is about to drown..

In her depression..

In her anxiety…

Someone needs to rescue her,

Unfortunately it can’t be me…

Because I am drowning too, which is hard to believe.

Her tears are like acids, she can’t let them flow.

Her words are like bullets, she has to keep her mouth close.

Everything she touches dies,

Having her wonder, how the hell she still has a life.

She is crying for help, but nobody knows.

Dysfunctional Family: “I want Mommy”.

Mommy, you remember when you used to love me?

Cared for me?

Prayed that I came home to safety,

What happened?

When I come home from school, you don’t even look at me….

You just drink from your bottle and start acting crazy.

You make yourself feel better by disrespecting me..

Calling me names, saying I’m worthless just like my daddy,

Then you have the nerve to blame society.

Do you know how it feels, whenever I look in the mirror I see you,

Why did I have to resemble you?

I want my mommy, but I don’t want you..

I want the mommy who made this house feel like a home,

I want my mommy who made me feel loved,

made sure I was never hungry,

she always cared for me..

I want my mommy

Getting beat up by bullies at school, then come home to get a beating from you …..

Plenty of time, I want to go

Either by rope or cut my wrist

But then I said no.

People always blame the daddies …..

The dead beat daddy.

You know how I look whenever I say my dead beat mommy

People think I”m weird

Because that saying is rare.

Being an adult at age 16 is not nice.

You ruined my childhood.

I’m here popping pills like they are candy.

Gotta look at my friends and say don’t judge me.

You ruined me, mommy,

And you don’t even regret it

It’s like I’m in foster care..

The thing is you’re the same woman but with a different man every night.

Moving from address to address.

Moving from book smart to street smart.

Because no-one is going to protect me

I have to protect myself.

The path you’re on,

One day you won’t exist, but it won’t matter, because I’m already used to it.

I want my mommy, but I don’t want you.

Poem: “Damn, life know how to fight 😪”

It kicked me in the knees, I fell to the ground.

It kicked me in my stomach, I fell to ground.

Everytime I got back up, life found a way to knocked me down.

Give up? Hell no..

Push through, thats all I know.

Mommy taught me better,

get up,

brush off your knees,

and fight harder.

You want that degree, work smarter.

You want that promotion, work smarter.

You want that job, work smarter.

Is not everyone is lucky enough to find good friends, but that don’t mean your life got to end.

Take that trip,

take that kiss..

You want a glass a wine, take that sip.

Life wasn’t meant to be easy..

So why complain?

Just do what you love and try be happy..

Life gonna get rough,

so why the hell you acting soft?

Be rougher, be tough.

And live this life, how the hell you want. 😊😍

Poem: He will never know

This is a secret I will take to the grave.
Liking a man, I don’t even know his age.

His smile, I love that.
His touch, I want that.
His Kiss, I need that.

Sadly, he will never know…
A brown skin girl who is dying for them to be close.

“He’s coming!”

I’m tempted to tell him, but I have too much pride.
I hate rejection,
and this is a future rejection I know I can avoid.

He has no interest,

So what is the point?

Of pouring out my feelings in a cup with so many joints.