Poem: “I will continue to grow.”

I hardly get any water,but people don’t see that.They judge me from my roots to head,speaking how I looked withered. When I asked them to passed me a cup water, they came up with excuses,I was dying, needed assistance,scarred with bruises. But I was determing,I needed to survive,I arched my head towards the sun,I neededContinue reading “Poem: “I will continue to grow.””

Poem: “Who the hell name Rejection?”

Ambitious is my middle name.I’m not going to stop until I finish this game, called “Life”.I’m not going to allow it to defeat me. Get up every morning, I look in the mirror,saying these three sentences I hope will stick with me forever,“I’m Beautiful, I’m Smart, I’m going to make it.”Cheering my own self inContinue reading “Poem: “Who the hell name Rejection?””

Poem: “She is crying for help.”

She is crying for help.. Am I the only one hearing her? I looked at her wrist, and realized that she fell in love with the razor. Horizontal lines.. Stretching… I can see the pain in her eyes.. A battle.. She is losing.. She is crying for help, But no sound.. If you look closely,Continue reading “Poem: “She is crying for help.””

Dysfunctional Family: “I want Mommy”.

Mommy, you remember when you used to love me? Cared for me? Prayed that I came home to safety, What happened? When I come home from school, you don’t even look at me…. You just drink from your bottle and start acting crazy. You make yourself feel better by disrespecting me.. Calling me names, sayingContinue reading “Dysfunctional Family: “I want Mommy”.”

Poem: “Damn, life know how to fight 😪”

It kicked me in the knees, I fell to the ground. It kicked me in my stomach, I fell to ground. Everytime I got back up, life found a way to knocked me down. Give up? Hell no.. Push through, thats all I know. Mommy taught me better, get up, brush off your knees, andContinue reading “Poem: “Damn, life know how to fight 😪””

Poem: My Ears are guilty too.

My neighbor’s husband was pleaded guilty today, I almost went to the Judge to ask him to plead me guilty too.I sat there and listened to everything that night…Froze in my chair, I couldn’t move. She shouted help! I did nothing. “Help me please!” I did nothing. I sat there, in my own fear,thinking aboutContinue reading “Poem: My Ears are guilty too.”

POEM: His Hands fell in love with my face.

He slapped me once, he apologized.He slapped me twice, we went on a date late in the night.The third time he stopped caring.His hands fell in love with my face,So it was tempting, he had to change my brown skin to black and blue.He had to bruise my lips, to him it looked cool.He gotContinue reading “POEM: His Hands fell in love with my face.”

This is my Year.

Who am I?I am a success story in the making.Focus, consistency, Determination, Hard work,This is what year 2019 will be about. I will not beg anyone to stay in my life,I will not kiss any asses and do whatever they like.This year is about my happiness and my peace of mind.This is my year. DepressionContinue reading “This is my Year.”