Poem: My Ears are guilty too.

My neighbor’s husband was pleaded guilty today,
I almost went to the Judge to ask him to plead me guilty too.
I sat there and listened to everything that night…
Froze in my chair, I couldn’t move.

She shouted help!

I did nothing.

“Help me please!”

I did nothing.

I sat there, in my own fear,
thinking about my past,
How my husband choked me until I turned blue.

I heard her cries.

I really wanted to help,
but supposed I went over and it was my husband instead?

My mind was playing tricks on me.
I was being selfish.
Thinking about my wellbeing, when my neighbor was seconds away from death.


Didn’t know what the hell to do.

Call the police!

Not even that my body could move and do.

Am I the worst human on earth, to sit there and hear another sister being hurt?

1st gunshot.

My heart skipped a beat.

2nd gunshot.

That should have been me.

3rd gunshot.

What did she do?
He said he loves her and will forever protect her,
instead, he put her 6ft under.

He is guilty,
But I’m guilty too.

POEM: His Hands fell in love with my face.

He slapped me once, he apologized.
He slapped me twice, we went on a date late in the night.
The third time he stopped caring.
His hands fell in love with my face,
So it was tempting,
he had to change my brown skin to black and blue.
He had to bruise my lips, to him it looked cool.
He got attracted to my swollen eyes,
And he knows I will still love him for the rest of my life.

Mommy told me to leave,
But the apple truly doesn’t fall far from the tree.
Daddy’s hands loved her face too,
And she stayed and enjoyed seeing her complexion black and blue.

My friends don’t understand,
How could they?
They changed relationship so quick,
In love Monday and broken up by Friday.

I love this man,
Yes, sometimes I am afraid of his hands.
They said our relationship is toxic and only death will set me free.

I tried to escape.

Nope, That was a lie.

Every time I hid, I wanted to be found by him.

They said I’m sick, to think I’m in love,
but this is a sickness, I don’t want to be heal from.

This is my Year.

Who am I?
I am a success story in the making.
Focus, consistency, Determination, Hard work,
This is what year 2019 will be about.

I will not beg anyone to stay in my life,
I will not kiss any asses and do whatever they like.
This year is about my happiness and my peace of mind.
This is my year.

Depression and anxiety will be my hardest battle to defeat,
But with this changed mindset, I know I can do it.
I am finally going to leave this box of darkness and try to enjoy how this light feels shining on my skin.
This is my year.

I am no longer a coward.
I am no longer just another statistic.
I am a success story in the making.
I can feel it in my bones, that I will survive this.

Criticism will come my way,
People will throw dirt on my name.

But I will rise and put all negative comments to shame.
This is my Year.

Poem 1: Why?

I have been in a box for so long.
I couldn’t find my purpose,
I kept on asking, “Where do I belong?”.
My mind got dark, my heart got cold.
The more I spoke, I kept on being misunderstood. 
Is this world for me? 

Why do I need to be accepted by people, that can’t even accept themselves?
Why do I need to be loved by people, that can’t even love themselves?
Why do I need people opinions to know more about myself?
Why am I still in this box and not trying to get out?

Why can I look in the mirror and quickly highlight my flaws, but don’t see my perfections?
Why can I compliment someone, but If they do the same thing, I immediately called them a liar?
Why can I think all the bad things about myself, but not the good?
Why am I being negative and expect positive outcomes?


Can these whys open up my eyes?
To show me that I’m worth it and that society is a damn lie.
you don’t have to be perfect, you just have to be you.
A changed mindset can change your whys, 

you can become brand NEW.

The day I was Born.

I have been hurt once,
I have been hurt twice,
The second time, I fought with all my life,
I Lost.
It left me dead.
Not physically, but mentally dead.
My family always tried to find the appropriate words,
but they never could, so they stayed in silence instead..
No friends, No family.
All alone in a world by myself, I needed somebody.
I looked in the mirror one day and found her.
This is Shenzy, the alter ego, this website Founder.