Poem- “Sally want it, she got it.”

Sally looked in the mirror and saw all her flaws. She smiled and accepted her body, She won’t allow her dark thoughts to be her downfall. One more day, one more blessing. She could feel the anxiety creeping up on her, She quickly runs and drinks a cup of water. “I am strong.” “I am beautiful.” “Sally, you got this.” “Slowly think this through.” Sally’s environment was toxic, so she moved. Changes came, once she started taking action. She had sleepless nights, trying to meet her deadlines. Success was a must. She wasn’t going to give up. Sally was determined, … Continue reading Poem- “Sally want it, she got it.”

Are you Committed?

Hey. It’s your girl, Shenzy. If you check this site on a regular, you would realize I’m a poet. however, I wasn’t interested in writing any poetry today. I want to get to know my audience. Yes, I’m talking about you. I want to know you. Let us talk. Today’s topic is about “COMMITMENT”. Nope, I’m not speaking about a relationship. I’m speaking about your goals and self-care. Are you truly committed to your goals? I thought I was, but I am far from it. My distractions were greater than my focus and that was a problem. I would spend … Continue reading Are you Committed?