Happy New Year!!!!!

Happy New Year to all my fellow bloggers and readers!!!!!!! I really hope this year turns out good for you.  This year is all about “Self-improvement” for me. I’m serious about getting my life together and that’s exactly… Read More

Aimless Thoughts 👤👣

Yesterday I was happy,Today I’m sad.. Yesterday I thought I had friends,Today I’m searching the definition for friendship and realized that I don’t have any. I know a lot of people,But not enough to connect to. My thoughts… Read More

1A Winsome Street: Part 1

Dear Diary, Can you keep a secret?😥 I’m a murderer. 😰 Yesterday I followed the crew to 1A Winsome street, where there is an abandoned house and is a 30 minutes walk from the community.  I always wonder why… Read More

Shenzy’s Talk: Changes❤

Changes are scary. Imagine going to University for four years then decided you no longer have a passion for that degree. You want to change😓 But you are afraid of what your parents might say, what your spouse might… Read More

Fighting my thoughts 💢

I want the success.I want the wealth.I need to make it in this life,But to be honest, I don’t have the strength. I blamed it on procrastination.I blamed it on laziness.Because people will quick to believe those, than… Read More

Shenzy’s Talk: Solitude 🚶

Hey guys 😍😍😍.Remember I told you last week that I want to build a relationship with you👀👀👀👀👀👀👀. Do you remember? 😡 So I’m planning to write atleast twice a week. ☺ Today topic will be solitude 🙂.I really… Read More

Health Journey 2020💥💥

Hey everyone😄 How are you?I know the year is dark for many of us and I am hoping the best for each of you ❤. I haven’t been giving my blog the attention it requires and I think… Read More

A Gut Feeling😰

Something isn’t feeling right. Did I put too much sugar in my coffee? Did I forget to send an email to my lecturer? What the hell is wrong? It feels like my intestine is knotting. Breathe. Breathe. Everything… Read More

Quarantine Troubles 😔

I was worried, Not for myself, But for the young children who were being mentally and verbally abused, I was worried about the women who usually take the extra shift, so they wouldn’t have to encounter their partner… Read More