Health Journey 2020💥💥

Hey everyone😄 How are you?I know the year is dark for many of us and I am hoping the best for each of you ❤. I haven’t been giving my blog the attention it requires and I think that might change🐝. I plan to make this blog be more personal and friendly. I actually wantContinue reading “Health Journey 2020💥💥”

Hey, it’s just a phase.

Anger. Frustration. Hey, I’m mentally drained. I tattoo a smile on my face, so persons can stop asking if I’m okay. No, I’m not, But don’t worry about that. Waste of oxygen telling you my problems, Because I know “solutions” will not be your comeback. Damn, do I have to go to work today? Damn,Continue reading “Hey, it’s just a phase.”

A Day in Downtown, Kingston🌼

I didn’t want to be at home, I just wanted to leave. Told my mom I was going downtown and I asked her if she wanted anything to eat. Jumped on a bus with earphones in my ears, A man came on the bus preaching that judgment day was near. I finally reach, but IContinue reading “A Day in Downtown, Kingston🌼”

Poem: “Damn, life know how to fight 😪”

It kicked me in the knees, I fell to the ground. It kicked me in my stomach, I fell to ground. Everytime I got back up, life found a way to knocked me down. Give up? Hell no.. Push through, thats all I know. Mommy taught me better, get up, brush off your knees, andContinue reading “Poem: “Damn, life know how to fight 😪””