A Gut FeelingšŸ˜°

Something isn’t feeling right. Did I put too much sugar in my coffee? Did I forget to send an email to my lecturer? What the hell is wrong? It feels like my intestine is knotting. Breathe. Breathe. Everything is perfectly fine. Wait, why am I sweating? It’s snowing outsidešŸ˜– Calm down. That cologne? Yes, myContinue reading “A Gut FeelingšŸ˜°”

Hey, it’s just a phase.

Anger. Frustration. Hey, I’m mentally drained. I tattoo a smile on my face, so persons can stop asking if I’m okay. No, I’m not, But don’t worry about that. Waste of oxygen telling you my problems, Because I know “solutions” will not be your comeback. Damn, do I have to go to work today? Damn,Continue reading “Hey, it’s just a phase.”

A Day in Downtown, KingstonšŸŒ¼

I didn’t want to be at home, I just wanted to leave. Told my mom I was going downtown and I asked her if she wanted anything to eat. Jumped on a bus with earphones in my ears, A man came on the bus preaching that judgment day was near. I finally reach, but IContinue reading “A Day in Downtown, KingstonšŸŒ¼”


Broken hearts, Broken circles, Once we were friends, now we don’t sit at the same table. Tension rise, Emotions are unstable, Broken trust, these relationships can’t be rekindled. Secretly missing, Publicly cursing, Generation to generation, a curse that can’t be broken. Whose fault is it? Surely not mines, Here we go again, another argument youContinue reading “Clique.”

My boyfriend Wray šŸ’§

I promised my mother I would stay away from him, The withdrawal symptoms started, The sweating and the trembling. I needed him, he was my escape. Mom came in the room, smiled and said, “I failed you my little sunshine, my little high school daughter is already a rum head.” My eyes were twitching andContinue reading “My boyfriend Wray šŸ’§”

Poetry: “Selfish”

She had a broken mind and a broken soul, She wanted to heal but didn’t know how. She needed to breathe and innovate her soul, but her selfish demon wouldn’t allow. Jumping from relationship to relationship was all she knows. She saw him and wanted him, although she had so much baggage, She didn’t careContinue reading “Poetry: “Selfish””

Poem- “Sally want it, she got it.”

Sally looked in the mirror and saw all her flaws. She smiled and accepted her body, She won’t allow her dark thoughts to be her downfall. One more day, one more blessing. She could feel the anxiety creeping up on her, She quickly runs and drinks a cup of water. “I am strong.” “I amContinue reading “Poem- “Sally want it, she got it.””

Poem: “That Man is hurting too”

I looked in his eyes,I could see his pain,He is hurting,So many scars on his body,He’s been working. From 5 in the morning to 10 in the night,He’s been around that factory machine,Society taught him, that’s it is his job to provide. My father is in pain,All these working hours, but still no gain.Mom doesn’tContinue reading “Poem: “That Man is hurting too””

Poem: “I will continue to grow.”

I hardly get any water,but people don’t see that.They judge me from my roots to head,speaking how I looked withered. When I asked them to passed me a cup water, they came up with excuses,I was dying, needed assistance,scarred with bruises. But I was determing,I needed to survive,I arched my head towards the sun,I neededContinue reading “Poem: “I will continue to grow.””